Day 20: Expecting Inkblot

November 20th, 2011

Today, another inkblot drawing of two women (sisters?) expecting. The original inkblot was the gold (trees), the little bit of blue in the skirt bottoms, and the coppery-red color that makes up the women's faces and bellies.

Someone asked me today about the white I'm using in some of my recent pieces. For the dots, I'm using a white uni-ball pen, which works great over dry acrylic paint!

p.s. I'm honored to be the featured wishmama at the wish studio this month! You can take a peek into my life as an artist and new mommy here.

5 Responses

You are the master of the ink blots – what you see in them is amazing!

Love your imagination :) .
Stay inspired!

I never thought of doing them in color, maybe I’ll try one tomorrow. Very clever!

They’re beautiful.

You never cease to amaze me Leah, as to the things you envision in these blots. Stunning!

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