Day 28: Rabbit Moon Onesie

November 28th, 2011

This is my favorite of the onesies I've done this month! It's another freezer paper stencil based on a drawing I did earlier this year. I can't wait to put Annabelle in it! :-) I'm glad AEDM pushed me to try this out. I'd like to do more!

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leah so cute and way cool!

Absolutely awesome! Very neat work.

I agree, my favourite too! Love it!!

Very cute, very baby chic.

yep, this one rocks! do they come in my size? ;)

Judean, I was just thinking if this was adult size I would soooo wear it! Super cute, Leah!

So sweet! When my son was little, I loved onesies, but there were never cute ones like this and I never thought of making my own. What a great idea!

beautiful! you’ll have to start making these for sale!

So, so adorable.

I love it!

oh, my!! this is so, so sweet!!! do you have a tutorial on how you did it??
i’m SAD this is the next to last day for AEDM. many thanks for hosting it!

[...] not only hosted but participated:  Leah, you’re the best!!!  AND, I expect to see a designer line of children’s clothes from you after your posts this [...]

That is such a cute onesie! I love the simple rabbit silhouette looking up at that big old moon!

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