Day 8 – Collecting Starfish

November 8th, 2011

I started this piece early in the day, letting paint run together on a wet page. Then I let it sit out, looking at it occasionally while entertaining the baby during the day. After I put her to bed, I went into it with white pen, purple marker and a little more paint. The image that came surprised me, but I'm liking it. I think it was inspired by the miniature starfish in our fish tank that seem to multiply over night.

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Nice. It’s both dramatic and a bit of fantasy merged together. Thank you for hosting the Art Every Day Hop. I’m enjoying seeing other artists’ works.

Love this one, Leah!

She’s beautiful. I love the colours.

Warm wishes to you,

(a first-time AEDMer and loving it!)

Love this! It’s very celestial. Purple is my color right now, really inspired by the colors in this piece!

Fantastic! You are so creative and talented, Leah ~ :)

Very mystical looking, Leah!
I’m amazed you could do this around a baby’s schedule! Lovely!

Beautiful! She has such a calming beauty!

How you are managing to create and manage a baby is freaking me out… this is my new favourite… that line work in te hair is great… full of movement xx

This is really beautiful. I am very taken with it.
Gwen xx

Very lovely and mythical. I like the way that you got to know the painting throughout the day before deciding a way to go forward with it.

She is so full of movement – the starfish to the swirling hair!

oooo I love love this one!

Oh this is gorgeous. Love her hair and the stars!

Amazing piece! Love the hair and stars! so much movement!

I love the feeling of this piece. In spite of the dark colors it somehow feels ethereal with just a touch of whimsy.

I tried this “see what emerges” approach yesterday, inspired by your method. :)
She is so graceful and fluid.

This is stunning. I am intrigued by the starfish multiplying overnight. Sounds very magical!

There seems to be a very starfish quality to the woman too, in the texture on her purple dress. I love how you work with water imagery so much.

This is magical. I’m always so impressed by the way you see these images in the shapes of paint.

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