Talking to Trees

November 3rd, 2011

Today I managed to start a piece, while holding Annabelle. Talk about multi-tasking! I held her, while wetting a piece of paper and dropping some ink and paint on the page. Later, while she napped, I came back to the page, looked for what I saw in the ink/paint droppings and started an intuitive drawing.

What came was a woman, speaking in tree language, while resting on the moon. Again, I think I'm working off my night-time nursing!

I'll be honest and say that I'm struggling a bit to keep up with art-making, running the challenge, keeping up with emails, and taking care of Annabelle, while being sleep-deprived. Today, I got whopped with a monster-migraine. I need to find more ways to take my own advice and make it doable for me, so I don't crash and burn! At the same time, this is good experience in finding ways to make it work, make it manageable and keep on creating. And I'm grateful for the push.

In other news, my 2012 Calendar is now ready for pre-order! This year I'm filling the calendar with twelve of my favorite pieces. If you're interested, please order by 11/20 to guarantee holiday delivery. As a special bonus, if you order by 11/20, I'll add a drawing to your birthday (or the birthday of your recipient) in the calendar. You can purchase the calendar here.

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Very cool… I always wonder if you start something new every day… or do you start and stop whenever you feel like it? I was wondering from day one, if you had finished the piece or letting it sit and marinate? :)

Way to go. I am going to be a new mom soon myself and thinking about how in the world I am going to make art and be a mom. Thanks for the inspiration.

I love it when you can see something that you would not have before. I am impressed that you did that while holding a baby. . . as I can barely manage to hold a baby and type on a computer!

I hope you are able to get more rest… and I know you’ve probably heard it, but treasure these times with Annabelle. She is such a sweet little thing…..

And I adore what you created today. I thought it looks like she was resting on the moon, too. It seems as if you are calling forth the Moon Mom to get some more rest.

You are fantabulous for keeping up as you have and YES! Don’t push it too hard. ANYTHING at all is just right.

BIG hugs.

I love how you let your intuition lead your creativity!
Thanks so much for keeping this up every year. I do hope you find that rhythm to continue at a pace you can enjoy. Little ones do take time and care, but oh, the time is worthily spent.

Step 1: Go easy on yourself. Step 2: Be good to yourself. Step 3: Go easy on yourself and be good to yourself. Leah, you are amazing. And it seems in your nature to be a Superwoman. Superwomen find it hard to hang up their capes for a little bit and to kick up their spiked-heeled boots. Honey, take off that cape. Relax. Do what you can, let what you need to let go of go. Breathe. Enjoy that baby. (Time goes by so fast.) Hold on tight to your drive to create even in the midst of craziness. Let your art be the resting place in your very busy life, that place where you can let go and be free, where you can indulge in yourself–even if for tiny moments. You need it. I wish I could have told myself this when my child was little and needed so much of me that I didn’t have much left for myself. (Totally worth it. I love him. But I would have enjoyed everything a lot more, if I had just learned to breathe, relax and know that I couldn’t do everything, only the important things.) Wish you well.

Congratulations on creating a great piece of art while holding on to the reins of a very full life! Thanks for all the energy that goes into AEDM, because I am learning so much about my self and enjoying so many art blogs!

Your own advice on Create Every Day is that it can be anything that feeds/supports your creativity – a good meal, a pretty table setting, a made bed. We can only do what we can do and rather than make yourself crazy, make yourself happy. Like this tree lady :)

With so many participants, I don’t know how you can visit them, make your own art and manage your baby and house – that’s a sh**load of work and when do you rest again? How can you be creative and be sane? Hmmmm, those might be mutually exclusive.

Hang in there and take care of yourself! It is a full time job to take care of a little one! Give yourself a break and try napping when she naps. The sleep deprivation is tough but it will get better. When my boys were smaller, i had less art time but i still kept a sketch book and took lots of photos to keep inspired.

Linda, So far, I’ve been starting something new every day, just following my interest and what I have time for. I’m saving the painting from day one for this weekend, when I’ll have my husband’s help with Annabelle and a bit longer to paint! I’m also glad to let it sit and marinate for a few days where I can see it and think about it.

Thanks, gals. I appreciate your kind words and your wisdom. I’m going to keep reminding myself to breathe and let go!

You absolutely must take care of yourself. All this will still be here. I have a tendency to expect more from myself than is really possible, then I get overwhelmed. So I start asking myself, “what things do I absolutely have to do today? and which things can I cut out and it will be ok?” It really is amazing how many things can wait:)

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