Creative Every Day Check-In: April 9 – 15

April 9th, 2012

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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You can also take advantage of the great CED flickr group to post your images and see what others are up to. If you're on Twitter, you can use the hashtag #CED2012!

Theme: The (totally optional) theme for April is Language which you can read more about here

Happy Creating!

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Hello Leah, here’s wishing you the best for your long Easter week-end!

Happy Easter! x

This is a beautiful blog and thanks for hosting ~ excellent creations ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

Hi Leah
I joined the main link up the other day and forgot to leave you a comment…sorry!

I have added a link here for this week.

This week’s post is about moving with the flow of the seasons, embracing the new life that comes with the spring, and a message from Ostara, Goddess of spring.

Love this theme…just haven’t gotten to play with it yet. But hopefully I will soon. Happy Creating!

I got the paintings for Small Feat finished and posted on my blog, and will be working on paintings for the NiagaraHERE project I need to finish for the end of May. Not really related to the theme of this month, but I’ll looking forward to getting started. Also, love to hear comments about Small Feats and my Art Workshop page if any of you “stop by”. Have a creative week!

Thanks for this inspiring post and commernts too. It’s just what I needed to get me started painting again. Bought the canvas and added to my acrylic collection but just have not dug in yet. I will though. . .this is the week to express myself!!

My post is about finally opening an Etsy shop, and my difficulties in scheduling creativity and inspiration. I wanted you to know how much I enjoy popping in here on Monday mornings and reading everyone’s posts, and seeing the lovely works. Thanks you for letting me share here!

An especially good week for my Art Journal.

I wasn’t sure about this theme but, then realized it was a good opportunity to share a poem a friend wrote inspired by my art. And after reading your post about poetry I am excited to use it to inspire me this coming week. Thanks for always sharing and challenging us Leah! Hope your Easter weekend was joyful.

Thanks for the challenge, I will try to come up with something language based. All visual art is a form of language & communication. Perhaps a bit of storytelling as well?

Although I didn’t paint anything this week, I did buy some old suitcases in fabulous earthy colours which I’ve stacked up in my bedroom. To me, they are furniture as art – very pleasing to the eye.

The language of flowers.
Leah, do you fancy a ball gown made from a dying flower?
Just joking…. have a lovely day!
I was inspired to design a dress from a little photograph:)

I feel there is so much I’d like to say this week! The postcard challenge last week brought us to Singapore. Is it bad to say I love how my postcard came out?! I’m excited about the language theme. I am starting a new series on trees and want to match poems on trees to my pieces. I love hearing how everyone is doing. Have a great week! I hope to stop by lto visit lots of you.:)

My creativity every day led me to create some pin boards on pinterest of my art series that I’ve been posting on my blog. It’s always nice to see a group of your work together digitally. Hoping that by the end of the month I’ll revisit my interest in text and image for our language subject. I did a big series about language in the 90s.

I think that this theme is fitting well with the language of my painting process in April. I started with a small 5 x 7 inch study and I am now working on a 16 x 20 inch painting for which I shared a distant detail this morning. Of course you can see the study and even the reference image in previous posts. There is a language of light and colour that tells the story of a specific time and place. This is not necessarily an easy language to speak with brush and paint but the joy of trying is one of my great thrills in my daily life as an artist. All the best of a short week everyone!

I love the language theme this month. I almost always incorporate lettering in anything I’m working on so this is right up my alley. Thanks for creating such a great forum!

Hello, I’ve just signed up for this, what looks like an enormously popular challenge.
I am a maker of all things Doodly Bird which are hand illustrated gifts but on a daily basis I love to be creative in my blogs as well.
So I hope I can live upto the standards set.
I will have to go back now and see how it all works.
For having me along.

I’m trying very hard to come back to being creative with intention. I’m trying very hard to come back to blogging, too. I’m slowly building up my creative routine. I’m making my own planner and doing so has led me to stamp carving…a thing that has currently caught my obsession.

I am messing up with words and photos again… I am creating a sort of postcards where I include a phrase that illustrates my vision. Of course, all my blog is about the power of words and images, but these are made specially to show a particular mood…

I’m not sure what to do or what to post, I just followed Elizabeth over her from her AB class I am taking from her.

I haven’t posted in so long, not sure where I want my creativity to take me. I finally have something up today though! :)

Finally uploaded the picture of my finished mixed media piece!

Looking forward to working on the language stimulus :)
I love learning languages so initially thought I’d do something about translation, but now I’m working on a sewn piece regarding the (mis)understanding of text messages – still designing it but loving being creative again!!

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