One, a little late

June 10th, 2012

I did these pieces for the one theme and I'm just now getting around to posting them. Life has been busy! I was working with a blue monochromatic background to go along with the one theme of last month and later went into them with white ink to bring out these images, Bucket and Trailing Stars. They feel like a pair to me. And ah-ha! They also work for the Opposite theme this month, with one figure looking up and one looking down!

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Hmmm, I love these shades of blue. These two work well for opposite theme. One looking up and the other looking down as you noted, and a day/night contrast. Pretty!

These are SO beautiful!!

I love how these look stacked on top of one another- really showcases their opposites! Your whites are so vibrant against dark colors. What type of white ink are you using? It really pops- especially in her curly swirly hair!

These are so lovely ~ I love them! ~ very creative ~ thanks, (A Creative Harbor)

These are so beautiful, Leah! (As ALL your art is, of course!) I absolutely adore the lower image. So magical!

Beautiful pictures – quite magical. I see they’re also opposites in that the water is dripping down but the stars are moving upwards.

How do these images “feel” to you? curious…

Some other opposites there too, like facing opposite directions or having a connection up or down with their gifts. Lovely, in a sweet, elegant way.

Hi Leah, I love studying your artwork in order to place myself in “your space”. Your pieces are intriguing, as always, and I do enjoy them very much. Love the colors, too, great job!

These are beautiful – love the white against the blue – unusual!

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