Day 4: Winter Birds

November 4th, 2012

A simple drawing today, Winter Birds. Daylight Savings Time and babies do not mix! I'm pooped. Off to bed!

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I love this. There is much beauty to be found in simplicity!

I love your beautiful creations Leah! Three birds for your family!

This is gorgeous–I could see it as gift wrap or holiday cards, or…just as it is (perfect)! Happy Day 4 to you :)

This does have a lovely rhythm to it… and the pops of red are lovely…xx

I love the beauty of the black and white, peppered with the hint of red. Gorgeous.

I think it’s beautiful. I, too, love the black/white/red color scheme.

Love the simplicity of this, it’s so calming, like a print. Would work great as a fabric, or notebook cover/paper… :-)

Be well!

I love this piece Leah!
Stay inspired!

very quiet

Extremely beautiful. And very peaceful. Great to see it.

This is really pretty! I am not participating in AEDM but kept seeing references and wanted to check it out…I wish I had time to post every day! Maybe next year. :)

I always love simple! I need to strive for more of it.

Animals and daylight savings time changes don’t mix either! I wish they would simply stop it. It’s just nonsense.

Simple and lovely.

Yes, babies, schedules….then the mucking up of adults to add daylight savings into the mix!!! BLAH~!

Glad you are getting rest… :)

Ooo, I like the contrast. Birds have been on my creative mind lately. Thanks for the inspiration.

simplicity works. I love this piece.

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