Day 1: The Search

November 1st, 2013

Hooray! Art Every Day Month has begun! I hope everyone had a good experience today. If not, tomorrow is a new day. For today's art, I had to squeeze my painting into a short nap, then finish up in the evening. I let this one just happen and here's what came out. It's called "The Search." I like the constellations, which were a sudden inspiration that I enjoyed running with. The piece is 8"x8" with acrylic and ink on panel. 

The cutest thing happened today. I was out running errands with my 2.5 year old daughter, Annabelle and told her for the first time about Art Every Day Month. Her response: "I want to do art every day too!" Haha! I thought we might do AEDM together someday, but wasn't quite expecting it so soon! We are definitely creative every day together, it's impossible not to be, but to consciously think about creating each day together might be an interesting challenge. I'm not sure we'll have time each day to do and document something, but we will as often as we can. Today we made a necklace. She picked the order of the beads and strung the round ones. She was quite pleased with her creation. :-)  

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Hello and happy first day to you! I love what you made for today, so cool and fun. How sweet your daughter is, love that she’s happy about art. The more you do now the more she will love it growing up. Have you ever read Alisa Burke’s blog? She has a daughter a little younger then yours and does amazing things with her and for her, check it out you will love it.
Thanks for sharing!

Oh, wow. I love the painting a lot. The constellations speak to me in more ways than one. I am not at all surprised that your dear little one wants to create alongside Mommy!! That creative sprout is speaking her Mommy’s language!

I can’t wait for this year’s AEDM to unfold. When I look back and see how I have grown as a visual artist over these years it is really rather amazing.


I love this painting, it came out so pretty! Love the constellations. And, oh my gosh, dear Annabelle, i get such joy each day from your posts about her brilliant quotes and, of course, just from her irresistable cuteness. I think it’s awesome she wants to create alongside her mommy and I’ll bet she’s gonna be surprising you. Children are just such naturally prolific creators.

So glad I joined in on this round of AEDM and really looking forward to participating as much as possible!

aww. love her and you! great job ladies!

Leah!! Your art is amazing and how darling that your little sweetie wants to follow in her mama’s footsteps!

Oooh, her necklace is so pretty!! I love that she wants to make art every day. Aww..she is precious. I’m happy to be doing the challenge with you (and Annabelle!!) again this year. :)

Annabelle’s necklace is very cute she did a wonderful job.. How very sweet that she wants to join in too, will look forward to her contributions.. I love your painting the constellations look terrific on there.. I am joining in for the first time just about to link up day 2.. This will be just the motivation I need to get me moving in the right direction with all the craft I want to get done before Christmas..
Sandy :)

Annabelle is off to a great start…following in her mother’s footsteps! Love the piece you shared today. Those colors are amazing and the constellations have always drawn me in. I’m so excited to be sharing with the other participant’s of AEDM again this year. Thanks for the opportunity! xo, janice

I’m a sky-watcher, so this is a real work of art. so well done. and look at that precious little girl, what a joy she must be. I hope you take the time to do lots of art together, those were the times I loved most with my granddaughter. now we have a new one, only 24 days old….looking forward to spending art time with her too.
got my first AEDM done…yay. thank you for hosting this, it’s going to be fun.

Wow even getting the littlies on board! Love your piece

How awesome of Annabelle to want to join in on creating every day. Too cute and well done to her on that beautiful necklace too. My eldest granddaughter will be three in December and she loves to create with her Mummy (my daughter) or myself. She enjoys every moment.

Love your constellation-inspired painting!


I linked a day late (it’s what I worked on yesterday) – just read about this on the Dirty Footprints blog and decided to take part :)

I love your painting above – beautiful soulful work.

I really like this painting – the composition and the constellations really work. Your daughter is adorable and it’s great she’s a creative soul already! Thanks for hosting this – it’s my first year to participate but I think it’s a great idea.

i love the painting! but even more, i love your daughter’s joy in participating! my daughter is 42 now and still remembers some of the creative sessions we had together.

thanks so much for hosting AEDM and for being so inclusive in what “types” of art qualify. this is very energizing!


Yes to the Facebook question! Seems easier to use, to me, but maybe just because ut’s what I’m used to.

Your daughter is an adorable little artist!

Lovely painting and adorable kid! So cool that Annabelle wants to create every day too.

I really like The Search! It reminds me of a scene in Suzette Haden Elgin’s book And Then There’ll Be Fireworks–not in the details, but in the spirit of it. The constellations are INSPIRED!

And YAY for Art Every Day (or however many days work) starting young! :D

I’m really late getting here, but I adore that painting. Of course, I like the constellations, but I also love the whale. CNN has recently been running a story called “Blackfish” about the Killer Whales that are featured at Sea World. So, of course, I could identify. I have been on several whale watches when I visited CA, and they are such beautiful mammals. This painting really touched me.

How sweeeet! Love her expression. Your painting is wonderful, so powerful and yet so gentle.

Hello Leah, great to see your lovely creation for Art Every Day and to catch up with Annabelle, she’s so very cute, keep having lots of fun together and loving it all!

Hi Leah,

Never too early to start! When my oldest daughter was 16 months old I had to set up a sculpting area while she was painting so I could get her to stop painting and clean up. She’d work on artwork for 2 hours at that age! Now at 14 yrs. old she fills a sketchbook in less than a month. :-)

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