Day 16 – New Moon Bird part II

November 16th, 2007

I started this one earlier in the month and finished it up today. I did some work on it with charcoal, sealed it up, and then tried something new with this resin stuff I bought awhile back. I did my best to keep the room ventilated, covered my mouth and nose and wore gloves. I mixed the resin with a hardener (they came together in separate bottles), did a pour over the piece and then let it sit for a half hour. Then I blew on it to pop any remaining bubbles that had surfaced, put a box over it (to prevent dust...and more importantly, cat hair from getting on it while it was sticky) and put it on a shelf to dry. It's past the point of worrying about dust now (according to the directions, this part takes 7 hours), but to fully cure it's supposed to sit for 72 hours! Sheesh! I don't think I'm patient enough to do this sort of thing regularly, but it does look very cool. I've admired this process in a few different galleries and it can look really amazing with collage underneath it. The resin becomes like this thick sheet of glass over the piece, making what's underneath even more vibrant. On the box of materials, it says it's like 50 coats of varnish. One big problem with it, is that it's really hard to show what it looks like in a photograph. You can see a bit of the shine in the reflection in the lower left corner above, but that doesn't quite cut it.

Maybe you can see it a little better in this side view? Anyway, I think it's super cool in person and now that I've tried it out, I may give it another go at another time. But I've got other projects to tackle first.

I've been busy, busy adding art and prints to my store. I wish it wasn't such a process, but it's getting done, bit by bit. I'm getting back into a flow with my business. I haven't quite found the balance yet. Business is getting done, yes, but I still need to fit in more exercise and do things around the house and finish cleaning my studio (which is coming along nicely...and slowwwwly). Sometimes I feel like that turtle in the comcast commercials. Well, better to get it done slowly than not at all, right? Right. Right-o. Right-a-roonie! Have a wonderful weekend!

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I so love that bird…I cannot wait to see the final product….the resin sounds like a great idea…I bet it will look like a glass covering on it…
I am finding out the more I researching things about art and inspiration and the more I want to do with art…and opening an etsy store and is turning out to be a JOB….I can see easily how it can turn into a full time job between the creating and taking pics of the creations and then loading them up into the store and filling out the info for each piece…and so on and so forth…I am slowly turning towards that…but it seems some days I just do not have the energy…but when I do feel energetic…and I am able to blog and show off art stuff and comment on blogs…that is pays off…more great people to meet and learn from and that leads to more research and ideas etc…hang in there–there is a happy compromise..just takes a bit to get in the groove!!!
Thanks for sharing your art

LOVE it!!!

As lovely as it is in the photos, I can imagine it’s even lovelier still in person, with the equivalent of 50 coats of varnish on it!

Looks great! I know exactly what you are talking about with the resin. I’ve seen tables with that on it. I also know how you feel with finding a balance. I struggle with that all the time. It always seems when I’m doing well with somethings there are other things suffering. It can be very frustrating. Have a good weekend!

I can just imagine the whole bird as luminous as that little corner! Take a peek at what I finally took the time to do . . . . buy some new art supplies :o ) Now I’m really inspired, and I’m going to work on my personal map for Artella this next week. Let’s keep doing this Art Every Day thing, because it really keeps us motivated! Even if it was one project each week, that’s surely better than going months without creating! Nina


I love your birds. I do believe the broken torso is going to get birds and the lovely little picture you sent me is the impetus – I just have to figure how to get the birds up off her shoulder – some kind of wire…but it is your birds that have inspired me to have a 2nd look at this poor toros.

And I love that there is a full moon behind this one. Absolutely perfect. I bet the resin makes it look amazing. perhaps one day I’ll get to see it in person. =]

If you decide to sell this one, and its in my price range, let me know. :) There is an animal guide there for me…

This is really cool, Leah. The process would be too much for me, but I love the end result!


The resin is so cool. I need to try that on my paintings too, and stop limiting it to jewelry. Thanks for sharing it.

Ah, resin, how I love that stinky, beautiful stuff. This piece is wonderful. You’ve made me want to get out my resin stuff and play! Thank you. xoxo

What nature of message is this bird delivering? It’s very beautiful.

Wow! That is a beautiful piece – I’ve got resin in the studio, and have been wanting to work with it . . . this piece is inspiring!

I can’t find the resin. Where do you purchase it? Do you have any helpful information? I haven’t wanted to try this for a while.

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