Day 17: A “Subway Stories” Piece in Progress

November 17th, 2007

This is a piece in my "Subway Stories" series that I've started, but it isn't finished yet. It's 10"x10" on panel with collage and acrylic so far. It's a process making these...prepping the wood with gesso, sealing the collage elements with medium, collaging the papers on the wood, then drawing and painting in the scene. Once I'm done painting, I'll go back and write the thoughts of the figures within their bodies with ink and then seal it all with varnish. Not yet though. I had fun playing with this today while in my jammies. Maybe I'll get some of the cradled gesso board for future "Subway Stories" pieces to save a step? We shall see. I've got a trip to the art store coming up this week as I'm running low on some things and I've got a great coupon too. :-) Lots of AEDM-ers have been buying up new art supplies and it's been making me jealous! Hehe...good thing I was planning a trip. I think I could spend all my money on books and art supplies. Fortunately, I usually restrain myself and the art store is kind of a pain to get to, so that saves me a little. The hubster and I went to the grocery store and did a major re-stocking of the kitchen and shortly we'll be off on a little "date" of dinner and a movie. Ok, we're off! Hope you're weekend has been fun and creative!

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I adore your subway series and am glad to see a new piece here. xo

I love your subway series….so unique and creative…I really like looking at all the elements and such…I hope your date is wonderful….
Thanks for sharing it all!

Thanks for writing about your process. So interesting and i like the way you use either newspaper or telephone books, can’t tell, didn’t enlarge it, for the background. Also your intent to put the people’s thoughts within their forms.

Art supplies and books are my materialistic weakness too. Do you know about Bookmooch? where you exchange books with folks. Trouble with it is I send out a lot of books, and now have about 35 points to get some bks, but so often can’t find the one I want.

Hope you had fun on yr date. Be well, Suki

I like your subway series. Very gray and newspaper shade looking. Thanks for detailing your step by step.. I love that. xo

i really enjoyed reading about your process. good thing you are patient.
~sue o’kieffe

Hi Leah, I really love your Subway Stories, your way of playing with black and white nuances, shadows and light. In fact, I could be on of those persons:) – The subway conductors are on strike here in Paris at the moment, everybody has to plan his journey through the town and be ready to need hours to get to work or wherever one has to go. And it will go one, no end foreseen right now.
Thanks for your comments on my blog, they are very much appreciated:) HAve a great day

It was nice to look through your blue tree shop the other day while Maggie was sick and only wanted to be help so I could only read and look and not leave comments. So much new art! It is wonderful to witness all you have created since I have known you!

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