Happy February!

February 1st, 2009

I can hardly believe it's February already! So, we've moved into a new month and the totally optional theme for the Creative Every Day Challenge in February is Words! You can learn more about the theme here. There are so many ways to play with this theme and I hope you'll have fun playing with the possibilities. Personally, I think play can be a continued theme for each month as I want to encourage playfulness in everything we do!

sketchbook snuggle cats

One of the ways I use words in my art is in my sketchbook. On the page above, I was taking notes and doodling while listening to a podcast.

I've always been a doodler, I can't help myself. When I was in school, all of my notebooks would be covered in doodles and drawings in the margins. A few years ago, I learned that this doodling I was doing was actually helping me to pay attention! It turns out that for folks who aren't audio learners, doing something with your hands often helps you to soak in the information you're listening to. I had no idea! It made me feel much better about my constant doodling when I was attending a lecture, sitting in a class, or listening to a podcast. And it's so true for me! I noticed that when I'm able to doodle or write down what I'm hearing, I take in the information so much better than if I were just listening. Is this true for you?

While I'm not taking any lecture-type classes at the moment, I do enjoy listening to radio shows and podcasts and sometimes I like to take notes about what I'm listening to. I keep a sketchbook nearby for that purpose and the notes usually become a combination of doodles, drawings and words. If you're feeling nervous about putting words in your art, this may be a great place to start! Just play in your sketchbook and see if the words you write lead to images or if the images you draw lead to the written word. No one needs to see it. Just have fun with it!

If you're looking for something fun to listen to, check out the Craft Sanity podcast with Project Runway Contestant, Daniel Vosovic. I listened to it while painting last night and really enjoyed what he had to say.

Or you could check out my chat with Connie, of Dirty Footprints Studio, on her blogtalk radio program! I loved talking with Connie (she's such a sweetheart!) about everything from symbols in artwork, creating from your heart, and silly socks! Thank you for inviting me to talk on your radio show, Connie! You are a natural radio host! And I got such a kick out of the call from Karen!! Thanks for calling in, Karen!

I spent some time yesterday working on the "Listening" painting. I'm liking it more and more now, but it's not quite done yet.

wip listening 3

Hopefully I'll have a little more time to work on it today before I sit down to watch the Superbowl with the hubster, who is cooking up quite a feast for the two of us.

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Your “Listening” painting is just beautiful!

It is so true about the doodling thing. When I was in school my notebooks were simply encrusted with doodles. I can remember remembering notes based on what doodles were on the page with them.

i still doodle like crazy–on the phone, waiting at restaurants, and especially during work meetings.

I know there is a site somewhere that tells you about your personality based on your doodle style. Huh!?!

Thanks again Leah, for the great chat this morning–you rock!!

Peace & Love.

I’m a total doodler. I need to doodle if I am in a passive activity like a lecture or a meeting (often the meetings turn into lectures).

I am very excited with this new theme, but then again I adore words! :) It’s going to be FUN! :)

I am so in love with “Listening”. I could stare at it for hours! :)

Everything lovely as always…I do love these cats especially.

Leah, I just want to mention to anyone who thought about calling and was afraid of missing anything that as soon as the phone rang through I could immediately hear the interview for a few minutes until Connie put me “on air”. Next time I will doodle during it and have an INTERESTING question for you. The interview was great and very insightful. You were very well spoken and it was a pleasure to listen to both of you.

Leah, this is such a striking painting! Really beautiful.

I love the way “Listening” is coming together!

What an interesting painting. The tree forms such beautiful structure against all the blue.
I’m a doodler, too. DH used to think I wasn’t listening to the sermon at church because of all the doodles I had in my sermon notes until he observed how conversive I was about points in the sermon later. I am less apt to drift into rabbit hole thoughts if I doodle at will.

yup, I’m the same way with the doodling. In grad school, I found that knitting often helped give me the same focus. I can’t wait to listen to your interview!

I am such a doodler and must be writing/drawing something as I listen. Even if I’m not directly taking notes on the subject, my doodles help me remember what I heard. Kinesthetic learner I think it’s called.

I’m just sooo excited about the second month of creating everyday. Thank you again Leah for this forum.

Can’t wait to listen to the interviews. Maybe I’ll share what I doodled while listening :)

I love where “Listening” is going. Looking forward to the next stage/photo.

I have all sorts of strong feelings about words in my art. Some good and some bad… This will be interesting. We’ll see what happens.

I will try to find time to listen to that interview – it would be great fun to hear your voice.

I’m definitely a doodler. I was in class as a student and in meetings as an adult. Movement and learning do go together for some of us.

Love the “yin yang” cats!

Love the cuddly kitty sketch :)

I love that your work seems to flow with the seasons. Your recent works really say “Winter” and you have others that definitely Fall, Summer, or Spring.

I love this painting! It’s so interesting and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


Sorry, I had to post again. I just checked out your website, and I had to tell you that I love your art! I’m obsessed with trees and blue is my favorite color, too. I identified with a lot of things you said. Anyway, it’s nice to know I’m not alone out there…

:) Michelle

I love the cat sketch, Leah. I’m also a doodler,list maker, and note taker, big time! :)

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