Quiet Umbrella

November 5th, 2010

Today for day 5 of Art Every Day Month, I felt the urge to work in collage. I had no idea where I was going, but this image came along as I worked. At first I thought I'd put more color into it, striped socks, colorful boots, and such. But after I painted in the figure, she seemed to want to stay this way. A little more somber. So for now, she'll stay as is, more quiet. This piece is about 4"x4" with collage and acrylic on panel. Hope you all have a beautifully creative weekend!

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There are those days of quiet. I love her simple figure, and the cool colors.

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I really love this. Personally I wouldn’t add any extra colour. I think the colours as they are tell a story & evoke a thoughtful mood.

Kat X

This is such a beautiful piece, so simple but speaks volumes! Loving ALL your work, and this wonderful encouragement to be creative every day!Yay! Thankyou :)

I too like her as she is. Despite her small size and simplicity her face turning towards us makes her appear to have a story to tell. I wonder what it is! X

wonderful – I love the serenity of this piece – so well captured


I love it. My last painting was about rain and an umbrella.
Even if loud, the rain is most of the time quiet.

very nice!!

This is beautiful… I love the colors and texture :)

Your work is beautiful, each piece I see I love.

So lovely, I love the image and it works perfectly with the blues in the background.

Love it! So simple. It’s like a gentle exhale. Another great idea Leah. I’m beginning to feel like a stalker. Lol!

so lovely, quite is one of the things i yearn for so much these days. it balances me. love where this piece went and love your balloon painting this month too!

Very atttractive piece. I love the background.

I LOVE this girl! and how you captured the calm… just what I need these days of chaos and art ;-)

This is beautiful and has me thinking I need to stop sewing and start painting. Of course, I don’t draw, but I love collages. And this one is super!

This is so sweet. I went to an art benefit for a local artist battling with cancer. The artwork for sale was all 4″ x 4″ I love size. It was amazing to see all 190 tiles, all different hanging on the wall. I’m in an exhibit opening next Friday where we all made 4- 6×6 tiles. I posted my examples on my blog yesterday. I’m having a great time creating and blogging this November. Thanks for the inspiration!

I love walking under umbrellas. It’s my own private universe under there.

I remember last year at AEDM a lot of my images included umbrellas. I had forgotten until I saw the beauty of this one from you. Quite beautiful. THANK YOU!

oh, nice! I’m not really a collage/mixed media kind of person but this one is very nice, indeed. It reminds me of the illustrations of Christopher Robin in the original children’s books.


Love this very much! Lately I never know when to bring my umbrella when I head out the door.

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