Dear Photograph

September 29th, 2011

A friend (thanks, Kim!) clued me in to this beautiful site, Dear Photograph. It seemed to fit so nicely with the history theme this month, that I had to share it!

The people who submit an image, hold an old photograph up in the same place, take a picture (I included an example above) and then include a message, which begins, "Dear Photograph..."

Check it out. The images and words are sure to touch your heart. 

4 Responses

really awesome site – thanks for sharing!

Really lovely idea and what a way of sharing special moments with family and friends. Thanks for sharing such fun stuff.

Oh, dear Leah, this could not appear at a better time as I plan a trip to the town where I grew up. Gives me some great ideas to continue to explore my personal history in a deeper way. THANK YOU!

Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

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