Day One: Night Mother, Work-In-Progress

November 1st, 2011

For day one, I had my husband helping me out a bit during the day and was able to spend a little extra time painting. How nice! I had already completed the collage background for this piece, but I'm SO happy to have started painting the image I've had in my head since Annabelle was about a month old.

It has to do with the strange time that is the middle of the night when you're up constantly, nursing a newborn baby. It's like this whole other world. Kind of lonely, but kind of sacred.

I've still got more to do on this piece, but I really like the way it's going so far! I know that many days this month, all I'll be able to do is part of a piece, but as long as I'm creating every day, I'll be happy with that.

I hope everyone has had a beautiful start to Art Every Day Month! And even if you haven't, keep at it. It's a long month and every day is a new beginning.

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Looking wonderfully magical, mystical & intriguing already. I know what you mean about the night time. And I found that having children made me appreciate my creative time so much more, stopped me taking the time for granted. But it is also hard work to juggle. Well done you.

Kat Xx

I know just what you’re talking about, Leah, remembering those nights of nursing my daughter many years ago. Your painting reflects that sacred night time world. I know it will be beautiful when completed – all in good time.

Gorgeous! I look forward to seeing how it develops.

YAY! AEDM is BACK!!!! Leah, that piece is lovely. At any pace. :)

Oh yes, I so remember those moments. You do feel like the only two people awake in the world and that seems to bring you all the more closer.

Thank you for bringing us all together again this November!

I really love where you are going with this piece.

Oh my, it’s stunning. Already I want to own it.

Oh my, it’s stunning. Already I want to own it. Hoping you’ll do prints.

great progress!
nice that you had some help so you could have some extra time.

Happy start of AEDM!

It’s looking beautiful, Leah ~ :)

What a beautiful thing to tribute in your art! I love it.

Beautiful and magical, I love the background!

It’s looking beautiful, Leah. I love the rich combination of blues and purples and reds. I’m looking forward to seeing it evolve!

Glad to see you get chance to join in as well as organising us all :)

Wonderful page, look forward to seeing it finished :)

Stunning piece already leah, I love the text page collage, much love Jennibellie x

this is just gorgeous…i love the dark and white of it….

I love how magical this is! I remember those middle of the nights fondly now. When my first was newborn, “we” used to watch the smurfs while he nursed in the wee early morning. I have no idea now why I chose that show, but the two are connected firmly in my mind now:)

It’s so nice to see you having the time to get to paint again, mama!!

Oh wow, your description gave me chills. You really captured it, what a beautiful piece already! Love it and love you :)

Very lovely. I can sense the magic of those late night moments when you are so tired you feel out of your body, like you are floating, but anchored by this little tiny person who keeps you grounded.

mysterious & beautiful — and you describe that space of the night just like my husband used to when our girls were little. he cherished that time with our babies! what a gorgeous start to AEDM2011.

Love the depth you create with figures and collage – feels like winter, bright moonlight and bare trees – beautiful!

looks beautiful!!!

What a magical atmosphere to capture in your art. I also remember the feeling of those nights. Those were precious times.

[...] Today is Day 1 of Art Every Day Month, a challenge run by Leah Piken Kolidas over at Creative Every Day. [...]

I know what you mean about creating “a part of a piece” my project is multilayered, not a quicky kind of thing. It is slightly…. not as satisfying right now. I want to post photos that make people say “How cool that is!” instead of “How unfinished that is!”

Yours, Leah, doesn’t even look unfinished to me….

Love this special time with Annabelle… oh, my youngest is 10 and I miss those early days!

A trip down memory lane! Mine are 15 and 12 and I still remember the sensations you describe.
Very interesting layers, awesome background and the figures are alraedy telling a story.

I love your piece! Looking forward to playing with more mixed media myself :)

This is quite a piece to start the month… talk about setting the bar high for yourself!!! looking forward to watching what else you produce xx

Very peaceful and beautiful!! Having nursed three babies, I totally understand what you mean about the middle of the night! It’s almost like a rite of passage only mothers can achieve.

That is beautiful! I remember those nights…

So, I’m new to this and I’ve been having computer trouble all evening. I posted on my blog but now what do I do?

Here is the link

Oh Leah, it’s beautiful! I remember those sacred times when my children were mere babes. It still feels that way if I’m up in the wee hours. :)


I used to feel impatient that I can’t finish a piece in one sitting. Yet, with the kind of art work I do, its an unfolding. I’ve found this to be the case with my gourd dolls. I see them in my head yet it still takes a tuning-in to let the personality come forth in layers.

I look forward to seeing this piece unfold!



Hi Leah,

Wonderful piece so far! I love the colors and subject! As I read your description, it reminded me of a cast iron sculpture I made back when my 14 yr. old was a baby. I called it “2:00am”. I still have the sculpture and a slide of it, but not a digital image. One of my “to do’s” is to get more of my older artwork into a digital format.

Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork!

- Wendy

This is an amazing piece and I know exactly what you mean about that time in the night with your little one. I love the deer with the woman placed in between. Looking forward to seeing how this piece continues to develop.

Leah – so awesome to be back in this wonderful community yo have created. I SO look forward to this time of year! Love your picture – even after all these years I remember that nursing in the middle of the night thing: my first I could go back to sleep and she’s nurse. my 2nd insisted that I sit up, but then he was bossing me around about which side I could sleep on even before he arrived in the outside world. Those memories never leave (thank goodness!

beautiful! your work is always so mysterious cool :)

This is pretty, I really like it!

I’m really in love with the concept of this challenge being about bringing more art into my life. That it doesn’t have to be a pressure, get-it-done sort of thing.

ADORE the painting so far. Like all your work, I’m sure it’s going to be breath-taking and exquisite.

I really like the start to this painting, especially the two deer that overlooking the scene. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

I love the deer. Beautiful painting.

Those middle-of-the-night feedings were some of my favorites, especially with DDs #2 and #3, because we were the only ones up then.

I can see how it might be lonely.. up at that time, twilight can seem to create distance. Plus.. up at that hour, realizing that your energy is and no longer can be entirely your own.. you’ve created a TRUE masterpiece who depends on it now.. what a beautiful piece Leah. I as always, admire your ability to express the deepest parts of your soul. xo

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