Day 3: Potential

November 3rd, 2012

Doodling, earlier in the day, I had the idea of acorns in the ground, untapped potential, perhaps surrounded by trees (potential realized.) After a long day, with Annabelle sound asleep, I sat down and painted it out.

Here's a detail, so you can see the acorns.


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absolutely stunning — the color palette, the notion, the rendering — all of it!

Amazing – love the circles and how you have to look more closely to see the potential -

Beautiful work, Leah….love the colours!

love this

I adore your composition, especially how the acorns are sending out circles of energy, as if they are bouys sending out sonar waves.

Such a great thought, isn’t it? The idea that seeds already in the ground are there soaking up the earth’s energy. Resting. Waiting for the spring to grow.

This is so full of layers and has many glorious apsects to it…I am drawn in to it:)

This is beautiful. When I was doing my monthly planning this month, I was thinking about how this month should feel. And what came up was an image of a cocoon, but in that sense of the acorn you have above of something with potential to turn into something else later. Thank you for this other beautfiul image.

mmm yes. Love the bare trees on the gentle slope, the untapped potential. I have been drawing and water coloring every day but have yet to share this on my blog or flickr account. Can’t wait to share!

Oh I love this, both the idea, and the painting :-)

Just LOVE the idea and execution of this one. The earth seems to be throbbing with life.

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