Art Every Day Month Check-In: Day 2

November 2nd, 2010


Today is the 2nd day of Art Every Day Month! We've gotten off to a beautiful start. I'm already so inspired by the wonderful creative expression I'm seeing!

The box below is a widget that I provide each day as an optional place to share a direct link (blog post or flickr image) to that day's creation. If you don't have something to share today, don't worry about it! Share when you can. In the meantime, be sure to check out what other participants are creating! Check out the links from today's post and the links on the participant page for instant inspiration. You can also see lots of great work in the AEDM flickr group. Feel free to share your work there too!

If you use the widget, please link to a specific blog post, not your main blog page or website (or you can link to a specific image if you're linking to a flickr page.) For example, for day one I would link to my first post: instead of my main blog page: This makes it easier for people to find your work.  If you want to share, but don't have a specific page to link to, feel free to use the comments section of this post to share what you're working on. If you're posting less than once a day, no problem! Simply use the latest one of these posts to share a link to your creation. For some, it's too much to keep up with posting every day, but don't let that get you down. Do it if you can and if you can't, just keep on creating, that's the most important part. If you get off track and miss a few days of creating, don't let that freeze you up either. Just pick up where you left off and keep moving forward. One foot in front of the other. You are making your life a more creative one with each step.

How to participate in Art Every Day Month: Check out the AEDM info page for all the details, instructions on how to get involved, and then visit the participants page to sign-up before you use the link widget to share your creations. The Information page also has instructions about how to use the widget below, if you're having any trouble with it.

Survival Guide: If you feel like you could use some more support, prompts, and motivation to keep going throughout the month, check out the Art Every Day Month Survival Guide.

Twitter: If you're on Twitter (I'm on there as @leah_art), I've been using the hashtag #aedm2010 to mark Art Every Day Month tweets. It helps to find others who are tweeting about AEDM!

Creative Every Day Challenge participants: If you're not doing Art Every Day Month, you can still use any of the daily Art Every Day Month check-in posts to leave your weekly link.


Art is our memory of love. The most an artist can do through their work is say, let me show you what I have seen, what I have loved, and perhaps you will see it and love it too. ~Annie Bevan

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One day down… it’s still 11/1/10 for me. Need to go read my survival guide now… love your quote.

It was our first day today too, thank you for such a great challenge:)

Today I posted my contribution to the Stay-at-Home Round Robin. It’s not my regular blog. It is a quilt project using rubber stamps and ink and paint and……well you know all the fun stuff. It’s a cross between a round robin and a mystery quilt. Hope you can stop by and see what everyone is doing.

Your quote is so real and powerful!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment … you’re to blame for all this ;-) You’re doing a beautiful job! And you came right on time!

Did you use the translation to read the post or you understand greek ??? Your last name sounds Greek and I thought…

My mind has been in overdrive. lol But, I am reeling myself in by focusing on small steps to my goal which is to design a series of art quilts that may become part of a larger project :) . Posted my beginning design for the first one and may get bold and start cutting fabric today :) .
Stay inspired!

I am very excited about this year. Creating everyday has become an everyday thing. Leah is wonderful for hosting this challenge. I am excited about seeing everyone’s art and being inspired all over again.


Yay! I have my first AEDM entry. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to post until today, since I paint at night. I hope this keeps me painting, because I have not been painting lately. I like doing other things, but I do want to keep painting.

It’s good to be encouraging myself to create every day this month. I have been so focused on biz that I appreciate giving myself some room to actually make art. Which is really what it’s all about, eh?

I love all the excitement being generated around these first few days. I certainly hope it continues as the month wears on. Great seeing all the wonderful pieces and things that people are making out there. Glad to be a part of it!

I’ve been enjoying visiting all the sites and checking out the creativity. It sure is inspirational, isn’t it? I have been in a sewing mode of late and am now getting the “itch” to do a collage again. Hmmmnnnn…..

Just some simple drawings. Love the quote!

I’m keeping my goals simple, but enjoying this!

It is so great to see everyone’s creativity! YAY for AEDM2010~

Today I decided that I wanted the freedom to explore art in all its forms. On the days that my ‘art’ doesn’t fit onto a page in my AEDM journal – I decided I could write about my experience in there. Today my focus was on music.

Already I’ve ‘met’ some new people through the AEDM2010 challenge. Its great :-)


Beautiful quote!

i am happy to play in!

doodled a list today!

I apologize cuz I linked right to my blog and not the direct post! This is the second day and I’m having fun. Love seeing what everybody else creates, I think that’s the best part. I love having a list of links to visit, I’m a blog happy kinda person.

Can’t wait to see what everyone else is up to today…. :)

Eek! Hi Leah. Any way you can delete #46 in the widget box? I linked to the wrong page the first time around….sorry about that!

wow – almost forgot to come post here!

I love that quote Leah. Its so true. Even the silly stuff we put out there says, ” See? This is how I see things sometimes.” Its so wonderful “seeing” what other people see.


Wow, how energizing to have this imperative to create every day. I must say I’m likely to have a hard time blogging it every day, but I had a blast making my first day’s art yesterday. Now to squeeze in the time for Day 2 Art! :)

For day two, I added bits of a watercolor painting to my green and blue background from day one! This is super fun!

Yay! The universe came and rescued me today while I was struggling with the “AAAAAh! what am I going to pick today of this tons of ideas that I have in my head?”
A butterfly of unearthly beauty came flying in!! Really!

And… I committed myself to bake a bread every day of the AEDM (at least when I’m at home :-) !!!

Yesterday I chose a little paper, Modpodge and hand stamping. Today I chose a little photo-editing. I’m excited to see what Day #3 will bring!

Having a blast!

Wow, so many participants this year! How cool!

Great quote! Here’s a garden I loved!!

got my memory cards back, so I uploaded photos!! Go me!

Excited to be a part of this! Thanks for making it happen!

another journal page, day 2 :)

I’m definitely inspired by this challenge and how everyone is so engaged and energized! I’m really going to do my best to participate everyday–my own personal challenge :)

Today I posted a journal page, Searching…check it out and see!
Day 2


A bit late getting today’s post in! Love the energy I’m feeling from this group and how inspired it’s making me feel!

Well, I joined late so all I could manage was a sketch of my puppy for today.

[...] Art Every Day Month – Day 2 [...]

Creative juices are beginning to flow again. This is just what I needed. :)

I sewed some more nine patches on a spooky black orange and grey quilt I’ve started. I’m also a bit off here date-wise as I also work at nights and my bedtime is like 3 am; and so I’m only posting about it today.

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