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Day 22: Annabelle Loves…

November 22nd, 2011, Comments (6)

Another page in the book for Annabelle today. She definitely loves her mommy and daddy!

Day 11: Thought Birds

November 11th, 2011, Comments (9)

I had the general idea for this piece a few weeks ago, sketched out in my sketchbook, but the way it developed today with the paint splotches, was spontaneous and fun. I like it!

Today, my mom watched Annabelle, so I could get my hair cut (heaven is getting your hair washed!!) and she brought over a hat she knit for her. Oh my goodness, it's adorable! Thanks, mom!

Day 5: More book pages

November 5th, 2011, Comments (18)

Today, I finished up the cover and the bath time page for Annabelle's book that I started a few days ago. I read her the first few pages and she seems to like it!

I also worked a little bit on the larger painting I started on day 1. I also want to share a bit of creativity from my family history. My grandmother made this sweater for my future child, before she passed away and before her Alzheimer's disease got bad. I didn't know about it until my mom gave it to me at my baby shower last April. Today we put it on Annabelle and it fit perfectly. Thank you, Grandma! We love it!

Day 2 – Book for Annabelle

November 2nd, 2011, Comments (25)

For Day 2 I wanted to do something in honor of my daughter turning 6 months. 6 months!! A whole half a year. Remember when half a year was important? When you'd say, "I'm 8 and a half!" Hehe.

Back when I was still pregnant, Mindy of wishstudio gave me a blank board book as a gift and this week, I decided what I wanted to do with it. I decided to create a little storybook of things Annabelle loves. So far I've done two page spreads, one for cats (you can see above) and one for music, two things she adores at this point in her young life. I'll later do pages for bath time and for mommy and daddy.

Day One: Night Mother, Work-In-Progress

November 1st, 2011, Comments (41)

For day one, I had my husband helping me out a bit during the day and was able to spend a little extra time painting. How nice! I had already completed the collage background for this piece, but I'm SO happy to have started painting the image I've had in my head since Annabelle was about a month old.

It has to do with the strange time that is the middle of the night when you're up constantly, nursing a newborn baby. It's like this whole other world. Kind of lonely, but kind of sacred.

I've still got more to do on this piece, but I really like the way it's going so far! I know that many days this month, all I'll be able to do is part of a piece, but as long as I'm creating every day, I'll be happy with that.

I hope everyone has had a beautiful start to Art Every Day Month! And even if you haven't, keep at it. It's a long month and every day is a new beginning.

20 weeks

September 19th, 2011, Comments (18)

Along the lines of personal history, I've been thinking back over the last year in the history of myself and my little girl. She is twenty weeks old today! Amazing! She's got such a personality already, so happy and sweet (and also firey, strong and silly!) At this milestone, I couldn't help but think back to when I was twenty weeks pregnant with her (and looking oh, so serious! haha!), half-baked, as I called it then (although she came a little early, so she was a bit more than halfway there already.)

I was just starting to show and just starting to breathe easier about the pregnancy, with a successful anatomy scan behind us (where we found out that my intuition about having a girl was correct) and feeling her move (amazing!) It was an exciting time and the hubster and I spent a lot of time speculating about what she'd be like, what she would look like, what things she would enjoy doing. And now she's been in our life for twenty weeks!

I can't say that time has exactly flown by, like everyone says it does. It has in some ways, but in others, with a baby who does not like to sleep, time moves quite slowly. But today, I'm feeling a bit sentimental about her reaching this milestone. Twenty weeks sounds like a big number! And today, I moved the shoulder straps in her car seat up a notch. She's getting so long!

Here's to my sparkling little girl and the weeks, months, and years ahead. I love you, Mush!


July 29th, 2011, Comments (19)

What you lookin' at, Mama?

This is the little, nearly 3 month old munchkin who has been keeping me on my toes day and night. She's pretty darn cute though.

I've been itching to find more time to create, but my arms are often full and I'm only grabbing a few moments here and there for creating. You can always find creative outlets if you're looking for them though.

For me, that has often been through instagram. A small, portable creative outlet that I carry with me via my iphone, which also helps me stay connected to the outside world, while simultaneously helping me keep track of how long it's been since I breastfed the baby last.

I've been using instagram to capture lots of sweet moments with the baby,

but also the little bits of beauty I see around the house,

while out on walks or jogs,

or while packing art up to send off to a new home.

So much fun!

p.s. I'm leah_art on Instagram if you play there too. Also, I just got a tip from @LindaUrsin that SnapBucket is a great alternative for those who don't have an iphone! Thanks, Linda!

Red, White, and BLUE

July 5th, 2011, Comments (13)

I hope those of you who celebrated the Fourth of July had a beautiful weekend!

To kick off the month of blue, here's a picture of Annabelle and I with our blue eyes.

One of my earliest memories of the color blue is from kindergarten. The teacher asked everyone what their favorite color was and all the girls (except for myself) said pink. I defiantly said my favorite color was blue. That hasn't changed.

To me blue is open, expansive, dreamy, deep, soulful, mysterious, and magical. Clearly, I love the color blue, as even my shop is named after the color!

What associations do you have with the color blue?

Yesterday, I had my first opportunity since Annabelle came along to sketch an idea that's been in my head. Here's a quick snapshot of the sketch. A first step. A baby step! I know I'll have to do it in bits and pieces, but it's so great to have the first bit in the works!

One Month

June 2nd, 2011, Comments (26)

It's surprising and at the same time not so surprising that it has been one month since our little peanut came into the world. Time bends in strange ways when your days blend into your nights. Seeing her every moment of the day, it doesn't feel like she's changed much, but then I look back at pictures of those first few days and the changes are amazing! It makes me happy that we went to get some pictures taken of her to celebrate her turning one month.

It feels like we're just starting to turn a corner, finding the slightest bit of a flow. And as a sweet reward, we're starting to have some fun interactions, her eyes follow toys, she reacts to our voices, and she gives the sweetest little smiles, especially in the morning. And sometimes she seems to be talking to us in little coos. So sweet.

She's so precious and so loved!

I've got some more fabulous guest posts lined up for you this month, while I continue to experience this metamorphosis into new mom. Hope you enjoy them and the start of summer!

Popping In

May 19th, 2011, Comments (7)

I hope you've been enjoying the guest posts this month! I've got some fabulous ones to come this month and next and I'm so grateful to the creative souls who've been sharing their stories here, while I'm deep in new mama land.

Annabelle is keeping me on my toes! I feel like the last two weeks have been simultaneously the longest and shortest weeks of my life. It's amazing to be filled with so much love and so much exhaustion at one time, but oh, her cute little face and sweet snuggles make it all worth it. I know she won't be this tiny forever!

Before I return to the world of babyhood and the endless eat, sleep, poop cycle, here are a couple posts I saw recently that relate beautifully to this month's theme of BIG:

First, this post and video from Laura Hollick about being seen. I love her tips!

Second, a beautiful, post in images from Vivienne McMaster on Roots of She.